Folding Flat-link Lock

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Torn between the flexibility and convenience of a cable lock and the security of a U-lock? Get the best of both with this folding flat-link lock. The folding flat-link lock can attach in a variety of ways. It’s long and flexible enough to lock multiple bikes or attach your bike to any bike rack, bench or lamp post.
Say goodbye to the hassle of finding a place to attach your old bulky lock. this lock comes with a custom carry case that attaches aesthetically to any bike, road, mountain or commute. It's also small enough to not interfere with folding bikes. 
Don't want to carry your lock on the bike? No problem, this folding lock fits nicely in your saddle bag or backpack.
Security is always top of mind when selecting the right lock for your bike. The folding flat-link lock offers the highest level of security by combining a unique coded key for each lock, meaning no two are the same and no one else can use their key to open your lock.
Installation is quick and easy. Use the two Velcro straps to attach the case to your seat post or frame tube in just a few seconds and your off riding, ready to lock your bike up anywhere. 
The folging flat-link lock comes with everything you need to get set up. No extra tools or parts are required.
The flat links on this lock make it extremely difficult to cut with a hacksaw or bolt cutters, like a U-lock but without the extra bulk. 
Stop struggling with your old bulky lock.
Upgrade to a folding flat-link lock today.