Inferno Heated Cycling Shoe Insole

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You deserve an enjoyable winter cycling experience

You deserve the latest in cold-fighting technology. The Inferno Insole is an innovative footwear heating system that's designed to maximize comfort for cyclists with chronically cold feet. Warm your feet up without fiddling with extra socks. Get that warm, fuzzy feeling back with Inferno Insoles.

Introducing the next generation in cycling footwear comfort.

The Inferno Insole is the latest innovation in heating technology. Using Bluetooth technology, you can set the temperature you want with a remote and have your feet stay warm for the whole ride. The Inferno has an integrated thermostat that will maintain your desired temperature, so your feet are always comfortable.

Patented air-shock design

You'll never want to go back to anything else once you put your feet on these insoles - the Inferno insole is the perfect solution for any ambitious cyclist. The air-shock design reduces fatigue in your legs, while the integrated arch support ensures your foot is stable and comfortable!

Made for the modern cyclist

The Inferno insoles are slim, unobtrusive, and ready to go. With batteries embedded inside the insole, they're completely wireless - freeing you up to enjoy your ride without any annoying cables. With lithium ion rechargeable batteries embedded inside the insole, there is no need for external battery packs.

The Inferno insoles are easy to fit with pre-marked size guidelines, allowing you cut them to any size. You can also use your existing insole as a guide for a perfect fit with your cycling shoes.

Biking in the winter just got a whole lot easier.

Inferno's insole will keep your feet warm and comfortable for up to 6 hours. Large capacity batteries inside each insole take just 3 hours to charge back up to 100%, so you can use them all day long.

True-fit sizing guarantee

We provide simple, easy to understand measurements. If your insoles don't fit perfectly, send them back with our 14-day guarantee.