Electric Heated Cycling Shoe Inserts

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Don't let cold feet keep you off your bike.

Even if you have chronically cold feet, you can adjust the temperature up to 65 degrees Celsius (140 F) and enjoy the beautiful winter landscape while your feet feel like they're peddling through the deserts of Arizona.

Integrated smart heating technology allows you to set your exact desired temperature with the included LCD remote. The insoles automatically adjust their temperature with an internal thermostat, keeping the temperature inside your shoe at your optimal comfort level. If you lose your remote or its battery dies during your ride, you can still control your inserts directly with the power button located next to the charging port.

Whether you're peddling hard uphill or walking your bike over obstacles, the heated insert's air-shock design keeps your toes and heels comfortable while relieving stress from your legs with integrated arch support.

The genius engineering behind these heated inserts eliminates wasted space for an incredibly lightweight, compact design that fits any cycling footwear. The batteries and microchips are embedded inside the insert, so there are no external battery packs to attach to your kit. The electronics are housed inside a steel safety frame capable of supporting over 200kg. (440 lbs.) so that you can safely walk, ride, or run without damaging the internal electronics.

Preset size guidelines printed on the inserts allow you to easily cut them to any size or use your existing insert as a template to make an exact fit for your cycling shoes. The 2000mAh batteries in each sole resist cold temperatures so you can ride comfortably up to 6 hours in subzero weather.

These heated inserts charge in as little as 3 hours. To charge your inserts, just lift the heel of the insert out of your cycling shoe and plug in the adapter. An LED on the charger indicates when your inserts are fully charged and ready to use.

  • Smart Temperature Control
  • Integrated Air Shock & Arch Support
  • Advanced Compact Design
  • Easy Size Adjustment
  • Cold-Resistant Batteries
  • Fast & Easy Charging

What’s in the box

  • 1 Pair of electrically heated insoles with an integrated 2000mAh battery, carbon fiber heating pad, and thermostat.
  • 1 Wall charger with EU, US, UK, or AU plug based on your region.
  • 1 Wireless remote control with LCD temperature display.
  • 1 Instruction book for easy operation.