Slim Phone Holder


Fits 22.2-31.8mm bars 

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Pure hands-off viewing for a more immersive ride

No fumbling for your phone when you need to glance at an incoming call, text, or map direction. Use this sleek mount to see everything from above

Suited for any smartphone or bike

A one-size-fits-every-phone mount that works with just about every smartphone, including leading premium brands such as Galaxy and iPhone.

A simple but sophisticated solution for people who use fitness apps like Strava and Wahoo Fitness on their iPhone to track time spent rolling tires under their pedals.

The lowest of low profiles

Small, discreet and effective: The easiest ways to carry your phone around securely for a day of adventure. Just attach the mount to your handlebars and away you go!

Thoughtful device details

Designed to simplify the riding experience by offering safe navigation and hands-free use of your phone.

Minimalist in style while maximizing usage potential and convenience with features like an adjustable tension release and flexible platform that can extend up to 100 mm wide.

Smartphones are expensive

Don't risk throwing yours to the pavement, invest in a phone holder that keeps your phone safe and secure. This precision-machined aircraft-grade aluminum mount will protect your phone from bumps and vibrations when attached to your handlebar.


Frustrated that you keep miss orders when you're on your bike? Now, you can count on an uninterrupted delivery with this slim phone holder.

This mount fits any size smartphone, is easy to attach and remove, so that your phone is never out of reach. Say goodbye to fumbling around for your phone and missing orders—With your phone kept front-and-center you’ll see every single order the comes through. You can even access with navigation apps like Waze and Google Maps with ease. Quick and accurate order delivery will be even easier.

Give yourself an advantage

Smartphones are safer in a case - but that also means most mounts won't work unless they're bulky and experimental. This slim mount takes full advantage of advanced grip technology with angled teeth that securely grip slim phone cases, so your phone remains protected without popping out from vibrations.