Smart Bluetooth Powerbank Phone Holder

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This is our most technologically advanced phone holder for bikes. Keep your phone charged on-the-go with the built-in with a 4400 mAh USB powerbank charger. Wireless Bluetooth speaker seamlessly connect with iOs and android phones for headphone-free listening. The headphone jack lets you use both wired and wireless headphones. Leave the phone at home and bring your favorite music along on a Micro SD card. Dual 90-lumen LED headlights keep you safe and visible to others on the road. The integrated Electric remote-control horn allows you to alert others that you’re approaching. Ride freely in any weather. An IP54 water-resistant rating means this phone holder stands up to rain and snow. The Bluetooth connection also supports hands-free calling on both iOS and Android. This phone holder fits phones up to 90mm wide including all iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models.